Welcome to Miami Leisure Sunbed and Leisure Hire Nottingham, Derby , Mansfield, Chesterfield areas

Sunbeds and power plate hire Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield, North Leicester , Ashby Swadlincote and Chesterfield Areas We offer a large range of commercial and used commercial sunbeds , Spray tanning equipment booths and compressors as well as self tanning fluids. We offer Psoriasis and collagen red light technology in the form of sales hire and relamping and now can supply a wide range of specialist lamps for food enhancing , bio lights, reptilian and aquarium and theater lights .

Tel: 07973 316009 for Hire, Sales & enquiries,
sales@miami-leisure.co.uk please note: our spam filters are aggressive and get it wrong from time to time. If you dont get a responce within 24 hrs please send a sms or call .Thanks

Due to the recent thefts and bounced cheques – We are sorry to have to enforce the following for new customers

Cheques are no longer accepted from new customers . All new customers will require photo I.D and proof of residence (utility bill) .


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LAND LINE 0115 9635576
Tel: 07973 316009 for Sales & enquiries,
email: sales@miami-leisure.co.uk
83 portland road , Hucknall Nottingham NG15 7SF

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