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Sunbeds and Powerplate hire Acne Treatment Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield, Ikeston, Asfordby, North Leicester, Ashby, Swadlincote and Chesterfield Areas. We offer a large range of domestic and commercial sunbeds and spray tanning  booths.  Our beds are suitable for treating  Psoriasis, Low Vitamin D, Acne, Red Scars, Wrinkles and other skin conditions.

All new beds are fitted with the new 0.3 compliant euro lamps ! As part of our relamping program future relampng will mean our beds will eventually be 0.3 compliant but at the time of publishing not all beds are 0.3 . These will be clearly marked and clear instuctions given to tan safely without burning .

So,  what is 0.3 all about?

Well those EU meddlers deemed that the sunbed lamp was way too dangerouse for the general public, mainly because people don’t bother to read tanning instructions printed on the sunbed . So in their infinite wisdom they introduced a law that generally means the sunbed should not exceed the UVB levels of that of the midday sun in the mediterranean, which happens to be 0.3 watts/m2 at 25cm from the source .  The bottom line is, it is the LAW and all sunbed companies  must comply or be in a process of doing so.    How does it effect the performance and tanning ?  Firstly Tanning is a 2 part process the UVB starts it all off and the UVA turns you brown.  So removing 90% of the UVB and  pushing up the UVA  a bit, means that the tanning takes about 4-5 days of daily sessions to “kick in”  and also you also need longer sessions to achieve this.  The good news is that it is much harder to burn. The end result is actually very good. The tan is infact darker, deeper and longer lasting and looks more natural .  People must understand that going red is not an indication that a sunbed is working

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Tel: 07973 316009 for Sales & enquiries,
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