Sunbeds by Tansun

We now offer  Sales , leasing and profit share options on Tansun sunshowers .   We do not rent!

There are variouse ways to have a sunbed in your salon ….

Out right purchase is the other obviouse option but few can afford the intial outlay to fit out a salon.

We can offer a 3 or 5 year lease purchase or  profit share .

If you lease then you get to buy the equipment over a set period using a formula something like   £27 per each thousand borrowed x 5 years per month or £35 per thousand borrowed  x 3 years per month.

Profit share will work like this £300 installation fee , then 50 percent of all takings / month ( all negotiable )

Note you will be responsible for providing sufficient and correct power to the instalation location.

tel: 07973 316009 for Sales & enquiries,