Spray Tan Equipment

Spray Guns Compressors and Tanning Fluids for Salons

For cost effective spray tanning , this 0.8 nozzle Mini Gun with a 125ml cup is ideal for spray tanning easy to use and clean, we have tried and tested several types of gun and found this to to be the best value for money . Costs  only £34.00 !

tan spray gun

Equipment suitable for studio, salon or mobile & home use, this light, portable compressor comes complete with an extra long hose to allow complete freedom of movement.

The compressor (Piggy) has three speed settings depending on the efficiency and experience of the sprayer. The unit also has a built in heater to blow-dry the sprayed areas faster and can be used either after or during the spraying process (to provide a warm spray).

The compressor comes with a thermal safety cut-out to prevent overheating. cost £250

spray tanning equipment


Award Winning Beach Brown Tanning Fluids

Sold in 14 countries since 1998
This 5 day tanning fliud Comes in 2 shades; dark or golden
This is a superior tanning fluid which gives a very natural looking tan that is less likely to give that “Crocodile ” effect on fadeing .
It looks good longer!!! applies more fades more evenly

Call for a free sample !!!
Costs: 1 litre bottle £35, delivery per purchase £5.

spray tanning

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