Power Plate Hire

Power Plate Hire

Vibration plate Hire from Miami leisure

Tel: 07973 316009 for Hire, Sales & enquiries

We offer the genuine powerplate MY 5  or the cheaper body train 2000 depending on your budget . (see images below)

All of the Body Train models are now 2000W peak with 70 speeds

85% + users of this model report losing a dress size in under 4 weeks

Users also report lots of other beneficial effects especially in stiff joints /replacement joints.
Ideal if you are looking to slim down for that holiday or wedding.

See below for contraindications


Very easy to use. The image below may vary from the hire machine slightly as newer models do have design changes. The basic design and mode of action is the same.

House full of  unused fitness equipment? Then why not try a power plate style machine before you buy ?

Useful Body Train youtube links here  here  here and here and here

Todays Body Train Hire Rates

Rent this unit for £50 4 week (15 MILES FROM BASE NG15)
£70 for 6 weeks ( UPTO 25 MILES DELIVERY FROM NG157SF)
Extended hire -£40 for 6 weeks !

MY5 Hire

State of the Art MY 5 Powerplate

This Powerplate comes with  straps, mats and even a remote control it weighs 90kg is a 2 Man lift


Dimentions 68 W x 90 D x 150cm H


£135 /4 Weeks then £25 per week thereafter.  For more information including exercises visit http://www.powerplate.com/uk/products/my5

Contraindications – do not used this type of equipment if you have any of the following

  • Acute migraines
  • Acute inflammations or infections or fever
  • Acute arthropathy and arthrosis
  • Postoperative wounds – trauma, visceral surgery, orthopedics, neural surgery
  • Endoprostheses of the lower extremities and spine – plates and screws
  • Implants of the spine
  • Cardiovascular disease – Heart and vascular
  • Epilepsy
  • Recent surgery and fresh (surgical) wounds
  • Gallstones
  • Kidney stones
  • Heart rhythm disorders and heart valve disorders
  • Hernia
  • Pregnancy or recent pregnancies (6 weeks)
  • Recent thrombosis or possible thrombotic complaints
  • Spasticity – after stroke/apolex with spasticity, spinal cord lesion
  • Tumors
  • Acute back problems after fracture, disc related problems, spondylosis, gliding
  • spondylolisthesis
  • Previous spinal surgery or disc pathology proven by radiological investigations (i.e.Herniated disc)
  • Severe osteoporosis with BMD < 70mg/ml
  • High blood pressure sufferers (situational)
  • Pain with the exercises
  • Position dizziness (PBPD)


Tel: 07973 316009 for Hire, Sales & enquiries