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Delux VX240

First is the top of the range deluxe vx240 from leisuretime this is the closest thing to a salon sunbed for the home and can easily give you the same result in the same time .   This is a 24 tube x 240 W unit from with full body breeze, and closing door. The hire price reflects the cost of the unit.

Exposure time for normal skin  just 5-7 min ! or 8-12 min  with the new 0.3 safe tanning lamp.

Todays Sunbed Hire Rates
(this is a 5 sided unit with a door)
24 x 240W £140 / 4 weeks and £25 per week thereafter (2 weeks £90)

You will need 2 sockets ( not an extention ) and 34 inches x 34 inches  of space for this unit on a 32 amp ring main. This unit runs at 22 amps.

VT240 specificion
size : Height 1840mm (73″)
Width : 850mm (34″)
All round guard protection system
Hour counter
Full length body breeze unit



Budget Home Sunshower – Euro tan

This is the  budget sunshower , This has a lower build quality and  comes as a 20 tube  200W unit . This has no door but poses no problem to those with the intelligence to turn arround

Exposure times for normal skin 10 min
Todays Sunbed hire rates
(this unit has no door)
20 x 200w only £90 for 4 weeks and £15 per week thereafter

(2 weeks £70)

Eurotan Sunshower – Specification 200W
10 min recommended exposure for normal skin.
size: approx. (external) 36 inches (91cm) x 26inches (66cm) x 84 inches
(213 cm)
Powerful ceiling fan drawing air downwards

Tel: 07973 316009 for Hire, Sales & enquiries,