by - HAPRO
The Hapro tanning units - fast tanning units with innovative design features. Miami Leisure provides the Lumina E-Class & 520 series
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HAPRO - Lumina E Class Sunbed

Lumina E - Class

  Touch pad control panel air outlet system

  Lumina E - Class Specification # Lamps 40
    HPS power facials
    Body & facila cooling
    Back light
    Xsens-Aroma option
    Session tim 6-15 mins
    Available in 4 colours


HAPRO - V Class Sunbed


V - Class available in 3 colours

  V-Class - Specification # Lamps 48 2M lamps
    120W or 180w combination
    Adjustable body cooling
    Xsens-Aroma option
    Illuminated floor option
    Session tim 4-12 mins
    Available in 3 colours


HAPRO - Luxura Sunbed

Luxura - 530

  Xens Fragrence at a touch of a button
Light-tech combitubes

  Luxura - 530 Specification # Tubes canopy 27 x 100W R-UVA
    Tubes bed 18 x 100WR-UVA
    Facial tanners 4 x 500W HPA
    Shoulder tanner above bed reflectors
    Xsens-Aroma option
    Infinitely variable cooling system
for the body
    Adjustable face tanners 0-2-4