Power Plate Hire

Power Plate Hire


As the global leader in whole body vibration technology, Power Plate redefines optimal health and wellness equipment for every age and ability.

Powerful science, even more powerful results

A technology first used to help Soviet cosmonauts in the 1960s to counteract negative effects caused by the zero gravity conditions they experienced while in space is now available to help you bring your body into harmony and reach your greatest potential.

Since the introduction of whole body vibration,more than 200 research studies have shown, when used regularly as part of a healthy lifestyle, Power Plate can help provide numerous wellness and fitness benefits, including:

  • Strength, Improves muscle tone, builds explosive power and endurance.
  • Flexibility, Increases range of motion, coordination, balance and stability.
  • Circulation, Improves and increases blood flow to strengthen the cardiovascular system.
  • Weight Loss, Reduces body fat and enhances metabolism.
  • Cellulite Reduction, Diminishes the appearance of cellulite.
  • Alleviate Pain, Promotes faster recovery of damaged muscles and tendons, decreases pain and improves joint function.
Power Plate whole body vibration brings advanced technology home to you.



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