Safe Tan 0.3 Compliant Lamps

Safe Tan 0.3 Compliant Lamps

We have Now been using 0.3 for over a year now only a few vertical beds are non-compliant and will be converted as soon as possible because… 1 – its now the law and 2- The  tanning is actually superior and none of the customers who used 0.3 want to go back using non-0.3 sunbeds

So, what is the 0.3 sunbed lamp all about?
  The new 0.3 law generally means a sunbed should not exceed the UVB levels of that of the midday sun in the mediterranean which happens to be 0.3 watts/m2 at 25cm from the source . The bottom line is, it is the LAW, its regarded as the safest option with lower melanoma risk  and all sunbed companies must comply or be in a process of doing so.  How does it effect the performance and tanning ? Firstly, tanning is a 2 part process the UVB produces the melanin (but also burns). The UVA turns melanin brown (but does not burn ). So removing 70% of the UVB and pushing up the UVA means that the tanning takes a day or so longer to “kick in” and also you also need slightly longer sessions to achieve this (10-12 min). The good news is that it is much harder to burn and the end result is actually superior. The tan is in fact darker, deeper, longer lasting and looks more natural and the skin does not tend to dry out or itch.  Also, 0.3 gives better results for tanning legs , which has always been a problem with home tanning.  People must now understand that going red is not an indication that a sunbed is working.

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